Welcome to the Online Screening of the video-exhibition: 

'A Subjective Reality' 

The video-exhibition 'A Subjective Reality' will guide you through four performances that took place at The Singel Antwerp in February 2021. All performances are presented in realtime and each shot in one take:


1. 'Acid trip' (2021)

2. 'To set the course’ (2021)(2015)

3. 'Are you coming or going? - An analogue puppetry of light behaviour.' (2021)

4. 'Pair production' (2021)

Location: DeSingel Antwerpen

Technical Art Director: Olivier De Groelard

Camera/edit: Nick De Vucht

Technical Assistance: Benjamin Timmermans, Ilvana Dizdarevic, Jeroen Goossens, Alek Lewandowski, Dean Peeraer, Ilias Johri, Robbe Hollanders, Emiel Hernalsteen, Ines Maes, Wout Vatteroth, Benjamin Eugene, Sam Verlinden, Megan Rietvelt. 

Press Fullscreen for a total experience and walk through the exhibition with me.

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The exhibition is accompanied by the release of the Artist Publication:

‘A Subjective Reality’

An artistic collaboration with graphic designer Ines Cox and photographer Anne Decot.

To counter the ephemeral, and a sensory gap a physical publication was created. It serves as counterpart to the video exhibition and puts its focus on the work in progress and artistic research. The Publication acts as a mirror to the online exhibition. It could serve as an exhibition guide, but also as an independent work created in collaboration with Ines Cox & Anne Decot.

The Publication 'A Subjective Reality' (€35) is available in the online store: https://gutierrezstore.com/

Or order by email: isabelfredeus@hotmail.com

There are 20 Special Editions available that each come with a unique cyanotype print (€120).

Gutierrez is a tiny online store run by Ines Cox & Elias Derboven. For now, Gutierrez only ships inside the European Union. Prices include VAT and exclude shipping costs.


With support from the Flemish government.

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